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Where is Betting on Sports Legal in the US?

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For a long time, Federal law meant that sports betting in the US was heavily restricted. Until recently, very few states allowed any kind of sports betting at all. Recent changes to Federal law now mean that states are free to legalize sports betting. So far, the numbers are still quite low, but they’re growing […]

Sports Scandals Connected with Betting

sports betting

A Sport, be it Football or Cricket or Tennis, is a religion that brings people from all over the planet together, and gives them a feeling that they belong and exist as one with their favorite sports team. People play them, watch them, follow them religiously and bet on them. Betting and sports go hand […]

We’re Betting On Blockchain For The Future Of Gambling

The future of sports betting in the United States is looking quite rosy at the moment. This is thanks to the Supreme Court ruling that states had the right to individually decide whether or not sports betting would be allowed. Previously, this had been disallowed in general by an act passed in 1992. The latest […]

Professional athletes who liked to gamble

John Daly, golf

Football is a game of millions. Stadium is the place where all the people are excited about the fight and unstoppable emotions. Football players on the field, coaches at the side of it, fans at the cops. Tons of excitement could turn to disappointment and even anger. This place is the concentration of gambling. If […]

How to Bet on Horses Races

Horse Race

Horse racing is the sport of kings and while the realities of life might keep you from getting to the track, the internet has made it possible to play the ponies from almost anywhere in the world. That’s right, every race (well, every race worth the wager) can now be followed online. This is paradise […]

Fantasy Sports Law is Helpful for Advancing Sports Betting

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Fantasy sports refer to game, wherein an individual or a group creates a virtual team by selecting real life players. The payment made for selecting a player is based on their real life performance. Daily fantasy sports operators often resort to earn money by allowing customers to select a virtual team and then compete within […]

Sports Betting: Is It Gambling or Not?

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“Gambling” is an interesting term. Initially, it was used in reference to activities that involved chance and real money bets, yet later it was extended to cover every activity that involves playing and winning (or losing) money in the process. Today, most people – and most authorities – treat activities like sports betting and fantasy […]

Football betting bonus vs casino bonus: Which is better?

In the increasingly competitive world of online gambling, betting sites have to work hard to attract new customers and to retain the loyalty of those that they already have.   Football betting bonuses generally come in the form of Welcome or Deposit bonuses, Free Bets or Enhanced Odds. There are usually restrictions as to the […]