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All About Sports Betting in Canada


The Canadian sports betting industry is one that spans many centuries. There is an illustrious history that defines the industry and it has continued to capture the imagination of sports enthusiasts. The laws in the country allow the industry to thrive and there has always been potential for more growth. The future of the industry […]

Overcoming Improbabilities through Educated Bet


Lucky means being favored or beating the odds, and people always associate good fortune with luck. People incorporate objects as the manufacturer of good and bad luck like the four-leaf clover which denotes a good day ahead and the black cat who wishes you bad fortunes. These beliefs not only affect our decisions but also […]

Top 5 Football Slots

Casino based sports games are always really popular, and football-themed slots are no exception. If you love the game and follow your team, then it stands to reason that you will enjoy playing football games. Here are five of the top football slots to give you some ideas. 1) Shoot! Inspired by the 1969 magazine […]

Sports Scandals Connected with Betting

sports betting

A Sport, be it Football or Cricket or Tennis, is a religion that brings people from all over the planet together, and gives them a feeling that they belong and exist as one with their favorite sports team. People play them, watch them, follow them religiously and bet on them. Betting and sports go hand […]

We’re Betting On Blockchain For The Future Of Gambling

The future of sports betting in the United States is looking quite rosy at the moment. This is thanks to the Supreme Court ruling that states had the right to individually decide whether or not sports betting would be allowed. Previously, this had been disallowed in general by an act passed in 1992. The latest […]