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Horse racing is the sport of kings and while the realities of life might keep you from getting to the track, the internet has made it possible to play the ponies from almost anywhere in the world. That’s right, every race (well, every race worth the wager) can now be followed online. This is paradise for an experienced punter but what about the novice who wishes to try their luck?  Well, this article will give you some more information on how to bet on horse races.Horse Race

Types of Bets

Now, there are several options when betting on horse races. These include the traditional win, place, and show bets – that first, second, and third. Or, you can place more exotic bets, such as the exacta, quinella, trifecta, and superfecta.

Looking at these bets, win, place, and show are easy to explain. A bet for win means that you are betting on which horse will place first in a race. While a place bet means that you think the horse in question will come in second.

Likewise, a show bet is for the third-place horse. In addition, you can lay down what is called an ‘across the board’ bet. This means you will win if your horse finishes in the money – i.e. first, second, or third. However, an across the board bet will cost you three times what a single bet would cost.

Besides the across the board bet, you can also lay down win/place and place/show bets. These bets work like the across the board bet and are a good way to cover your risk if you are not sure where the horse you like will finish.

As mentioned, there are also a number of exotic bets. These include the exacta which is when you are placing a bet for a horse to come in first and another horse to come in second, in that order. Keep in mind that exacta bets are usually made by experienced handicappers. As such, novice punters should try to steer clear of these bets.

Besides an exacta bet, some players will place what is called a quinella bet. This wager means that you expect the two horses you like will come in first and second but the order does not matter. The difference between a quinella and an exacta is the cost as an exact will cost twice what a quinella bet costs. However, the payout for an exacta is more as well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained when it comes to betting on horse races.

Then there is the trifecta, this is when you bet on three horses to win, place, and show in that exact order. You can also do what they call ‘boxing’ a trifecta but this will increase the cost due to the number of combinations. As such as $5 box trifecta will run $30.

Finally, the superfecta is when you bet on four horses and the exact order which they will finish. This bet can also be placed on an exacta or a trifecta – for an additional cost. After all, the bookmakers are more than willing to accept your bets. Just make sure you know what you are doing when you finally do lay a bet down.

Picking a Winner

This is where handicapping comes into play. If you are not an experienced handicapper, then you will want to take the advice of someone who knows what to look for when it comes to playing the ponies. Fortunately, there is a lot of information online and you might want to check out to see resources they have to help you pick a winner.

If you want to learn how to handicap, then there are thousands of books on the subject. However, you need to know that just about everyone has a different ‘formula’ for deciding what factors are most important when analyzing a horse.

In the end, handicapping is a key ingredient to betting on horse races as it will help you to make more informed bets.  As such, you want to familiarize yourself with the basics so that you will understand what the handicappers are talking about when they try to pick winners.

Just remember, gambling is fun but it is only for those who can afford the risk. If this is not you, then just follow the races from the stands – it can be just as fun and you won’t have to worry about losing your shirt on the wrong horse.

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