Football betting bonus vs casino bonus: Which is better?

In the increasingly competitive world of online gambling, betting sites have to work hard to attract new customers and to retain the loyalty of those that they already have.  

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Football betting bonuses generally come in the form of Welcome or Deposit bonuses, Free Bets or Enhanced Odds. There are usually restrictions as to the minimum odds you must back with any first bet to secure a Welcome Bonus, typically of 1/2 (1.50 in European prices) and any Free Bet stake is rarely paid out as part of the settlement with successful free bets, but there’s generally not a great deal else to worry about.  

Football betting bonuses tend to be relatively low (often matching your deposit up to a fairly low limit), but there are also usually relatively few restrictions, a decent variety of offers and you often don’t have to risk very much to claim your bonus.

If you’re looking to open a new account with a bookmaker anyway, it’s certainly worth securing yourself a bonus of some sort at the same time.  It should be looked upon as an effective way of adding to your football betting bankroll.

Betting bonuses in general are not quite the great deal they once were.  In the past it wasn’t uncommon for casinos online
to have a 100% deposit match bonus with perhaps ten times wagering requirements and no restrictions on the games played to claim your bonus.  

These days there tend to be many more restrictions, with wagering requirements invariably higher than before and also often restrictions on playing lower edge games like Blackjack designed to push you towards riskier Slots (for which welcome bonuses will also frequently include a number of free spins) to claim any available bonuses.

Casino bonuses today probably shouldn’t be viewed as a way to chase a guaranteed profit, but just as means of having free chips to bet with.  Even if you do lose, you at least have the benefit of being able to play for longer courtesy of free bets from the casino site.

In short, the days of being able to make easy profits from football betting and casino bonuses are largely a thing of the past.  Both are still an excellent way of having what is effectively free money to bet with though and are worth pursuing on that basis.  

The terms and conditions with both football betting and casino bonuses are key to deciding which provide the best value on an offer by offer basis and they can vary enormously.  In general there are fewer restrictions and less risk when it comes to the average football betting bonus and that arguably gives them the edge.

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