Professional athletes who liked to gamble

Football is a game of millions. Stadium is the place where all the people are excited about the fight and unstoppable emotions. Football players on the field, coaches at the side of it, fans at the cops. Tons of excitement could turn to disappointment and even anger. This place is the concentration of gambling. If the spectator comes to football to get impressions, player come there to win. That’s why gambling is useful and not so useful in his goal.

Gambling spirit is a difficult psychological state connected with anticipation of success. So the positivity of expecting a win, reward, that invisible force that moves the man who likes to gamble. By the way, you can master your skills with no costs if using sign up bonuses.

In this article you will know of some professional athletes who liked to gamble.

Art Shlihter
Ex-quarterback of “Baltimore Colts” was ejected for sports for gambling debts. His addiction started when he played in students league but it turned into disaster much later. For a year of participating in professional league he lost about 700 thousand dollars to bookies. He didn’t have this money so he went to FBI to snitch on the bookmakers an that’s why he was ejected.

Some time later Art Shlihter was in the spotlight of another scandal where his machinations with selling Super bowl tickets for about a million dollars were discovered. Art Shlihter was convicted of fraud and illegal betting about 20 times.

Paul Hornung
He used to be a leading player of “Packer Hornung” for participation in illegal sports betting and was banned for a year. After he came back to sports, he was asked about the odds his team has to win in some upcoming game and he responded with that he is disallowed to make any forecasts.

John Daly
Great gold player who earned fans love with his three-hundred-yard drives. He also had a great gambling fever for casino games. He once lost more than 1.5 million dollars in five hours making maximal bets in slots.
Total amount of his losses is about 50 million US dollars, the athlete is not upset though as he has enough income sources so he is able to afford losing this amount.

John Daly, golf

We can’t mention these gambling addicts as Alex Carrs, Coney Hawkins, Hal Chase, Leo Duroher, Floyd Meywather jr., Tiger Woods, Jaromir Jagr. Their gambling addition doesn’t make their sports achievements look worse.
Great people are stressed more often so they find this way to deal with problems. Sometimes they have problems with stopping at the right moment, and that’s critical in gambling.

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Professional athletes who liked to gamble
Article Name
Professional athletes who liked to gamble
In this article you will know of some professional athletes who liked to gamble.