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10 Billion in Gambling by Irish Punters last year

betting illustration - ball and smartphone

If there is a gambling platform to gamble at, gamblers will use this. Irish Bookmakers have for sure pocketed a good amount of money on that, and unfortunately, Irish authorities find the figure to be somehow worrying. If we breakdown the figures, all Ireland has gambler the whopping amount of 9.8 Billion in 2019. 4.7 […]

Corona Gambling – What Can You Bet on Now?

There has been a dramatic decline in public sporting events, and even games played in empty stadiums have come under scrutiny, simply because having the players and stadium staff exposed to one another is creating a dangerous situation. With sports betting in serious decline across the globe, we have created a list of easy-to-get-to gambling […]

Famous basketball and baseball players who like to gamble

Michael Jordan, basketball legend

Many people adore gambling spirit and a will to win, especially professional athletes, which achieved their success on their own. Without this will they wouldn’t probably make it from their yard team to the school or college teams, wouldn’t achieve worldwide success and glory. Pete Rose One of the best baseball players ever who was […]

Professional athletes who liked to gamble

John Daly, golf

Football is a game of millions. Stadium is the place where all the people are excited about the fight and unstoppable emotions. Football players on the field, coaches at the side of it, fans at the cops. Tons of excitement could turn to disappointment and even anger. This place is the concentration of gambling. If […]

The Psychology of Sports Betting and Gambling


What is sport betting? A pool of people gambling on the outcome of a sport event such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, horse racing and more. Sports gambling is illegal unless is regulated, approved venue. Some people more prefer to go through USA casinos and make some fun, but sports betting is something different […]

Sports Betting: Is It Gambling or Not?

betting slips and money

“Gambling” is an interesting term. Initially, it was used in reference to activities that involved chance and real money bets, yet later it was extended to cover every activity that involves playing and winning (or losing) money in the process. Today, most people – and most authorities – treat activities like sports betting and fantasy […]