Overcoming Improbabilities through Educated Bet

Lucky means being favored or beating the odds, and people always associate good fortune with luck. People incorporate objects as the manufacturer of good and bad luck like the four-leaf clover which denotes a good day ahead and the black cat who wishes you bad fortunes. These beliefs not only affect our decisions but also how we perceive life that might hinder us from living our lives to the fullest. But then again, have you considered the idea that luck might be because of skills on educated bets?

From sports like basketball and soccer to card games, all of these areas not only requires luck but it also requires skills on the calculated guess. Luck contributes a small percentage as to why someone wins over the other, it is mostly because of learning and practicing one’s ability, learning to risk and the most vital is confidence in oneself.

But we are not here to talk about luck and how one can be luckier, we are here to talk about how educated bets affect our win rate.

What is an educated bet?

It is simply the calculated, measured, thought through risks that a person uses in playing a game or winning a bet. This comes handy when someone tries to outsmart a person, predicting a reaction of an opponent, seeing a better view of the flow of a game and leveling the match. It gives a person a direction what path to take and what to avoid. It has a firm objective and aims first on the finish line. Educated bet, most of the time requires a lot of background investigation regarding the matter, it also requires experience of a great victory and somehow also requires to undergo the pain of loss. Extensive reading and studying are also necessary to arrive at the most likely and favored result.

What good is it going to bring me?

OUTSMARTING AN OPPONENT. Through bets, a player can read his or her opponent’s mind. Outsmarting an opponent also means a player can understand the flow of a game thus even able to predict possible outcomes. This signifies that you are equipped and skilled enough to beat other people. However, predicting a person’s game plan is a difficult skill to master, a player needs experience in enhancing this skill.

LEVELING THE STAKES. One fact is if a person fails to incorporate the first advice, there is a big chance that this will injure the chances of winning on that person. It is vital that you even out your chances. Remember that your opponents will not adjust their skills so you can cope up, it is you who needs to run after them and possibly go beyond them to further your win rate.

FORMULATING THE NEXT MOVE. When a person hits rock bottom, there is nowhere else to go but to climb up again after experiencing loss and failure change your strategy and study more. Don’t go crying over spilled milk, move on and help yourself hit the mark. Also, when climbing a flight of stairs, you don’t stop in the middle, you finish it until you reach the next floor. This means discovering new heights and plan and preplan your strategy. The point of this idea is bets help you direct and redirect your position if it’s too much of a risk or no risk at all.

How does it affect my win rate?

Educated bets elevates your chances of winning. That is the most important reason as to why a person place bets with thorough research while predicting outcomes. Though some won through luck and serendipity, the person who wins consecutively are the ones who trained themselves to better their analysis about calculated moves and results.

May it be placing a bet on the team with the highest wins throughout their career or placing a bet on the fastest and bigger horse or even putting a bet in a poker game, all of these should not be played with a carefree attitude unless you want to lose money. The players who became hall of Famers or the ones who won over and above did not base their bets on a lucky clover, lucky shoe and all sorts of lucky charms. They used their wits in outsmarting other players, they even out their stakes and aspire to go beyond and they plan out their game plan with caution and calculations.


Though calculated bets can always be a great help, one must never forget that in a game there is more than one head that is predicting and praying for their favored outcomes. Losing and failing are unavoidable in this matters. We must always learn from it, mold ourselves to become a better and stronger contender.

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