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The Best Football Themed Video Slots Online

Last year was a great one for football fans. It was the year with a spectacular World Cup, followed by an even more spectacular Premier League season with Chelsea taking its fourth title home. But 2014 was a great year for casino playing football fans, too, as several major names in the business have released […]

The Beginning of the UEFA Euro Championship

Whether you say soccer or football, one thing is for sure; football fans are hardcore. There is a passion for this sport like none other and it reaches across the globe in American, Australia, Europe, Mexico and everywhere in between. At the moment, the qualifications for UEFA Euro 2016 are underway and will soon come […]

Sports Betting Tips for Champions League Season

With the 61st season of the UEFA Champions League kicking off into Gamesweek 2 this week, many of the big sides will be looking for a strong comeback from their performance in Gamesweek 1. Barcelona were a strong contender, following their win over Juventus at the 2014 Champions League Final in Berlin. However, defending champions […]

Betting Jargon Explained

When it comes to betting, it’s a good idea to have a good understanding of what all the terms and jargon means. Doing so will ensure that you choose the right bet and are more likely to make a profit. Below we define some of the key betting types in a simplistic way. One of […]

UEFA Betting Picks from Jon Price of Sports Information Traders

One of the foremost experts and betting minds in all of European football is Jon Price, the founder and lead punter for Sports Information Traders. Jon quickly established himself among the world’s elite football punters over the last decade by averaging 64% winners overall during that time. Known for being a guru and a well- respected sports betting tipster […]

Gambling Addiction and Problems with the Gambling

Whether you bet on sports events, roulette, poker or slots problem gambling can strain relationships and lead to financial catastrophe. View image | gettyimages.com If you’ve decided to gamble  -in a casino or online- it’s very important to gamble with care. There are a lot of gambling and betting strategies you can find on the […]

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets allow bettors to place numerous bets into one wager, gaining a superb return when all parts of the bet come through to a win. Accumulator bets are also known as ‘laying a parlay’. For an example of one sportsbook that lets you bet on four or more results rolled up into one, look […]

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