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DraftKings Goes Beyond Fantasy Sports with In-App Streaming

People know that online craps come with the most betting options and they play it for its entertainment value and potential wins attached to it. The same goes for almost all other casino games. But when it comes to sports-related betting – and daily fantasy sports is similar enough to sports betting to count as […]

Football Tips

Jose Mourinho, Manager of Manchester United

Who are you tipping to win the premiership this season? Is it in the bag for Man City, or is Mourinho going to continue his roll of second season successes? The returns on these types of bets aren’t great. Even with a high stake you’ll be lucky to be doubling your money. So how are […]

Sports Arbitrage With RebelBetting

sports betting

Sports arbitrage, or Arbing, is a type of Sports Betting that allows you place multiple bets on an event in such a way that you are guaranteed a profit irrespective of its outcome. In traditional sports betting, you stake money on only one possible outcome at a specific odd. You win if your chosen outcome […]

5 Sports Betting Tips for Beginners

online betting

You shouldn’t take these tips as the absolute truth, but all of them are life-tested. The author of this article will consider his mission accomplished, if at least a bettor makes one mistake less at the beginning of his journey to the betting world. Here are 5 tips for beginners. And may the luck be […]

Famous basketball and baseball players who like to gamble

Michael Jordan, basketball legend

Many people adore gambling spirit and a will to win, especially professional athletes, which achieved their success on their own. Without this will they wouldn’t probably make it from their yard team to the school or college teams, wouldn’t achieve worldwide success and glory. Pete Rose One of the best baseball players ever who was […]

Professional athletes who liked to gamble

John Daly, golf

Football is a game of millions. Stadium is the place where all the people are excited about the fight and unstoppable emotions. Football players on the field, coaches at the side of it, fans at the cops. Tons of excitement could turn to disappointment and even anger. This place is the concentration of gambling. If […]