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The Psychology of Sports Betting and Gambling


What is sport betting? A pool of people gambling on the outcome of a sport event such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, horse racing and more. Sports gambling is illegal unless is regulated, approved venue. Some people more prefer to go through USA casinos and make some fun, but sports betting is something different […]

Betting Tips for Beginners!

If you have stumbled across this site, the chances are that you are either into, or considering betting on your favourite sports. Sports betting has become immensely popular over the last few years- with 80% of adults owning a smartphone and most people being connected to the internet 24-7, it is easier than ever to […]

Fantasy Sports Law is Helpful for Advancing Sports Betting

fantasy sports

Fantasy sports refer to game, wherein an individual or a group creates a virtual team by selecting real life players. The payment made for selecting a player is based on their real life performance. Daily fantasy sports operators often resort to earn money by allowing customers to select a virtual team and then compete within […]

Sports Betting: Is It Gambling or Not?

betting slips and money

“Gambling” is an interesting term. Initially, it was used in reference to activities that involved chance and real money bets, yet later it was extended to cover every activity that involves playing and winning (or losing) money in the process. Today, most people – and most authorities – treat activities like sports betting and fantasy […]

eSports vs Poker

eSports has been one of the most remarkable phenomena of recent years. From being virtually unknown a decade ago today the industry is estimated to be worth over $590 million with a global audience of 300 million. With these kinds of figures it’s no surprise that it has become quickly professionalised with teams competing for […]

Jackpot Casino

For those savvy internet gamers looking for the best jackpot casino around, look no further than All Jackpots Casino. All Jackpots Casino offers the best jackpot games in the industry, and with a number of features which are sure to leave you satisfied and coming back for more. Progressive Jackpots For those looking for real […]

Casino Slots

Of all the online casino games that you can play for real money, nothing beats casino slots. The reason that these games are so popular is that everyone can play. There are no complicated rules and you don’t have to learn a complicated strategy. All you need is the desire to have fun and maybe win a […]

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