Online Casinos vs Physical Casinos – Pros And Cons

Right now, the future of physical casinos is a little shaky. Thanks to the coronavirus, we’re not sure when physical casinos will be reopening in a lot of territories around the world. That means that if you want to get your casino kick, you’re probably much better off visiting an online casino, at least in the short term. When things get back to normal, though, online casinos and physical casinos are a little more evenly matched. Both of them have their pros and cons; a world in which they can coexist is, of course, ideal, but if you’re thinking of playing some casino games, the decision-making process about which one to opt for can be tough. Here are some of the pros and cons of online and physical casinos.

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Online casino choice is huge

There are so many online casinos out there that they easily outnumber physical casinos, and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future. That’s because online casinos don’t need to worry about real-estate, and although they certainly do have overheads, they’re nowhere near as prohibitive as a physical business. That allows platforms like to offer consistently high-quality online casino games with excellent payouts and bonuses with no drawbacks. There’s no question that if you’re looking for choice – if you have a particular niche that needs to be filled – then online casinos are a better option than physical ones.

Physical casinos have ambience

Although online casinos work as hard as they can to create ambience – flashing lights, Vegas-style aesthetics, flashy graphics for some of the games – they’ll never be able to provide the same atmosphere as a physical casino can. Walking into a casino and seeing all the machines blinking invitingly at you, the staff readying themselves to serve you drinks, and fellow gamblers winning or losing on a dime, is something that online casinos will simply never be able to recreate. For some people, that won’t be particularly important, but for others, the atmosphere and aesthetics are everything. Physical casinos are the place to be if that’s you.

Online casinos provide better beginner bonuses

Online casinos are always looking for new punters and new players. That being the case, they’re also aware that the competition in this industry is very fierce indeed, and are likely to want to get as much business as they possibly can. It’s in their best interests to provide you with the best possible beginner bonuses they can muster; if you like what they’re showing you when you first get to the website, you’re more likely to stick around and become a loyal customer, so they make the offers as enticing as possible. This means that if you’re savvy, you can play online casino bonuses in order to get more profit than you would in a physical casino.

Physical casinos have simpler payouts

While online casino payout methods are becoming less arcane and more understandable as time goes on, it’s still true that physical casinos pay chips, which can be exchanged for cash at a desk. The process is that simple, and you won’t need to choose different payment methods or understand often labyrinthine terms and conditions which many of us don’t read anyway. This depends largely on the online casino you’re playing at; some casinos are much better at explaining payout methods and processes than others. Still, a physical casino has an alluring simplicity about it when it comes to claiming your reward for a good session.

Online casinos have more games

As we mentioned earlier, online casinos don’t have to worry about basing themselves in physical spaces. For this reason, they can offer a much wider variety of games than physical casinos can; you can only cram so many slot machines and tables into a physical space, after all. Bandwidth is the only limitation when it comes to which games to offer, and most casino games aren’t particularly demanding in this regard, so you’re likely to see classic casino favourites rubbing shoulders with games you’ve never heard of. That means you can play the field and figure out which games you like and which ones you’re not a fan of, making it easier in the long run to make a profit.

You can see the staff at physical casinos

If something goes wrong at a physical casino – if you feel like the machines are unfair, for example, or if there is an altercation between customers – there are usually robust physical casino security systems set up to help customers resolve these disputes. It’s in a casino’s best interests to guard money carefully, and they also care about the wellbeing of their customers, so there will be security guards and surveillance systems stationed throughout the premises to keep everyone safe. Online casinos definitely have more robust security systems than they used to, but they’ll never be able to match the feeling of safety and security afforded by actual people keeping you safe.

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