Is the Chinese Super League a threat to the English Premier League?

In this article, we will be looking at the effect that the Chinese Super League has had in recent years on the football world and on the English Premier League.Zehavi

To understand the reason for the footballing status quo going through what seems to be a change in the transfer market, we must understand that it is the Chinese government’s ambition to become a footballing superpower. This results in many CSL clubs spending millions on foreign players, despite the Chinese FA ruling that clubs are limited to playing only 3 non-Chinese players per game.

When money is being spent (and a lot of it at times…) left right and centre it is no surprise to find live football action form the CSL on Sky Sports in the UK. It is one big marketing exercise which is guided by the lucrative signings of players such as: Hulk, Oscar, Zehavi, Tevez and more.

While the EPL football clubs are almost exclusively sponsored by betting and casino companies, one must ask about the long-term sustainability of both the CSL and EPL in effectively competing with one another to be the world’s most attractive football league. The notion of supply and demand comes to play as more and more football fans seek out to find the best On-line Casino websites to play live casino online.

As the 2017/18 season is about to kick off in Europe, the main obsession for many EPL clubs is fixated on the transfer market. Although, one cannot blame them as they are now able to use huge sums of money generated via TV broadcasting rights, with some players who are considered average squad members being bought for £20M.    

The CSL has a long way to go before it reaches the standard and global popularity that already exists from the EPL. However, splashing the millions on its marketing machines through foreign players and TV broadcasting rights might be a short cut that will get them there faster.

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