Football Betting Tips to Keep You Safe Online

With most physical sportsbooks still closed and some moving their operations online, many football sports bettors turn to online betting sites to gamble.


Online football betting sites not only provide an avenue to bet, but it also offers football tips to keep bettors well-informed.

However, its convenience and popularity have become a target of online cyber threats. Online football sports bettors could fall victim to identity theft or money loss if you are not careful.

To keep your data and money secure, apply the following online safety tips. 

1. Only play at licensed online sportsbooks.

Plenty of online sportsbooks offer enticing football bets and tips that promise good wins. However, not every platform is legitimate and secure.

The easiest way to spot a licensed sportsbook is to look at their website. Look for the following on their pages:


  • Do they display proof of license on their site?


Most licensed sportsbooks include their license to operate on their homepage.


  • Do they have a lock icon beside the URL of all their pages?


If they do, it means their website applies SSL encryption which adds a layer of security protection, especially when transacting online.


  • What do fellow bookers say about the sportsbook?


Online reviews are helpful, however, asking someone you know or someone who’s been in the industry for long provides a better idea of the platform’s legitimacy and safety.

Keep these things in mind when trying out a new online sportsbook.

2. Update your password regularly.

It’s a very simple yet effective way to ensure that your account is safe from hacks and online threats.

If you’re using multiple accounts, use different passwords for each so that your other accounts are protected in case of a breach. 

If you don’t want to memorize all those passwords, use password management tools like LastPass to easily manage and input all your passwords in a secure way.

3. Choose a secure payment method.

Online wallets such as PayPal and Coinbase offer security and convenience when depositing or withdrawing with an online betting site.

If you wish to use your debit or credit card to transact, check with your provider if they have a system in place in case of financial or identity theft. This ensures that you can recover stolen data or money as a precaution.

4. Don’t download suspicious files.

Be wary of the files you download or the ads you click on online betting sites or apps.

Downloading unsafe files puts your device, location, and data at great risk. Before downloading, try to scan the download link using platforms like VirusTotal to ensure your safety.

As much as possible, don’t download anything unless you find it completely safe, and play only at licensed sportsbooks.

Always be alert online

Whether your betting on online sportsbooks or online casinos, always stay alert of possible data leaks or online attacks. Follow safety measures at all times and make sure to always gamble and transact on a secure network.

Applying these simple tips will make your online football betting experience safe and enjoyable. 

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