Betting Jargon Explained

When it comes to betting, it’s a good idea to have a good understanding of what all the terms and jargon means. Doing so will ensure that you choose the right bet and are more likely to make a profit. Below we define some of the key betting types in a simplistic way.

One of the most common types of bet in sports is a straight bet. This simply means that you choose in advance which team you think will win the game. For sports like baseball, you select the team that you think will win outright. It’s
slightly different when it comes to basketball or football, there will generally be a point spread. For example, if you see a number with a “+” sign next to a team then add these points to your teams final score. If you see a “-“ sign then subtract the number of points from the teams final score. After you’ve done this, whichever team has the greater number of points wins.

Another type of bet is known as totals. This refers to when you bet on whether you think the total number of points scored will be higher or lower than a figure suggested.

‘Teasers’ are a slightly more complicated bet. A teaser bet is a selection of straight bets and/or totals that are combined into one bet. When it comes to a teaser bet, the line that you bet against for wagers individually is moved in your favour depending on the number of points of the teaser. You can also place an “open teaser” bet. However, this can only be done online.

Lastly, when enjoying sports betting you can choose to place ‘pleasers’. This refers to a group of football and/or basketball side straight bets combined into one. When it comes to pleasers, the line that you bet against for individual wagers is moved against your favour.

So there you have it, simplistic explanations of some of the commonly used betting jargon.

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