2016/17 Premier League Relegation Predictions

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a Super Computer that could foretell which teams were going to end a season as league champions and which were going to be relegated? Or, perhaps a crystal ball would do better, but not so much for Crystal Palace as they don’t seem to be doing so well in the Premier season. The Premier League Super Computer has this South Norwood, London club relegated to the Championship but will it hold? Perhaps a look at how the bottom five have been playing and what kind of spread we are looking at before making any predictions would help you predict!

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Having played 25 games with only 5 being won, it’s a sorry state of affairs for Sunderland. With 16 losses and 4 draws, it isn’t looking very good at the moment, but don’t place your bets just yet. Before wagering on Sunderland being relegated at season’s end, let’s take a look at a few more near the bottom of the league. It could be close enough to make it too close to call.

Crystal Palace

Just a few short weeks ago the Super Computer had Crystal Palace finishing last but it appears that in reality they’ve jumped up a notch! Having been at the bottom of the barrel, they are now in 19th (of 20 which isn’t so great) but perhaps that crystal ball sees something the club hasn’t figured out yet? To date they have also played 25 games, with equal wins, draws and losses to Sunderland but with 32 GF to Sunderland’s 24, they are in a better position at the moment. Unfortunately, not so great because they are not up high enough to avoid relegation.

Hull City

Hull City’s numbers are a bit better than Crystal Palace at the moment. With their 25 games played they’ve won 5 but lost one fewer than the other two clubs with that extra draw. They stand at 5-5-15, again not so great. Even so, it’s important to look at the club just above them in the bottom 5 because those numbers might be close enough to pass quite soon.

Leicester City

Again, it isn’t a matter of having won any more games but rather avoiding that extra loss due to a draw. With 5 wins, 6 draws and ‘only’ 14 losses, this keeps them a ranking above Hull City but still far enough down on the list to fear relegation. Bear in mind, they are only one place off being relegated so they are not out of the water quite yet. With only 13 matches left to play, roughly one-third of the season, anything can happen to the current league winners!


In a little bit better standing, but not out of hot water by a longshot is Middlesbrough. Oddly, this club has one less win than the four below them in the standings but with 10 draws, they obviously have fewer outright losses. Middlesbrough is standing at 4-10-11 in their 25 games played but, again, with roughly one-third of the regular season yet to play, anything could happen.

It is still too early in the season to know exactly what will happen because there are still enough matches left to change these numbers substantially, at least in terms of relegation that is. However, it will be fun to place a few bets here and there before those bottom rankings are firmly rooted. Until then, have fun predicting this year’s relegated teams and who knows, your team may not win but you just might!

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