World Cup Quiz: Can You Guess the Player From Their National Team Record?

The 21st edition of the World Cup has arrived! The best thirty two countries from around the world come together every four years so they can compete against each other to get their hands on the prestigious trophy. The odds on who will win World Cup 2018 suggest that current world champions Germany are the favourites to win the tournament for the second consecutive tournament. However, five-time winners Brazil are really close behind them on the odds market. Depending on their results throughout the tournament, there is a chance that the World Cup final will be between these two nations.

There is a total of 736 players which will be travelling to Russia to represent their country, each with their own unique individual national record. Some players have played over 100 games from their country and will be used to competing at one of the biggest tournaments in world football. However for some of the other players, it will be the first time in their careers that they will be competing at the highest level for their country. However, with the average age of the all the players being 28 year old, which is the oldest in the tournaments history, the majority of the players competing will have already participated in at least one World Cup.

Are you able to identify players based solely on their record for their national side? Try this quiz and find out. Some players should be fairly easy to recognise, but other may be more difficult. Let us know how many you managed to get correct!

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