Why It’s Cheaper to Pay for Betting Tips

If you follow a lot of betting related accounts on social media, you’re likely inundated with their offers for tips on ‘plays that are hitting at 80%.’ Many of us take the approach of scrolling past these betting tip offers as just another example of Twitter spam but the truth is these offers can be very lucrative. Reliable sites like us stake their claim on their reputation for providing winners and our business depends on finding winners on a regular basis.

One problem that wagerers often complain about is having to pay for these tips. To many, the costs would be better put towards another wager to offset the risks of a loss. It’s better to look at buying tips as an investment though – paying money to avoid losses. In the long run, it’s actually cheaper to pay for our tips than it is to trust your own judgment, and here are some reasons to back that up:

Saves You Time (And Money)
Unless you bet on sports for a living there is simply no time available to do the research needed to be profitable over the long term. Services that provide tips however can resource hours into a single game, finding a unique angle and investigating injuries, trends, travel, weather, etc. Even if you did have 2-3 hours to put into a single game, how much would you value your time to know a wager large enough to simply break even? Instead it’s much better to go to work, or go golfing, or watch the kids and play with a dog then later come home and receive quality, researched picks in your inbox.

Trust Others Experience
One thing to remember about lines and spreads is that they aren’t created per what oddsmakers think the result will be, they’re posted because that’s what they think people will bet on. One thing that beginning bettors fall prey to is seeing the ‘public’ line that is too good to be true, and thus losing their money on the inevitable reverse outcome. Services that provide tips see these spreads stick out like a sore thumb and will easily make them either a contrarian play or tell you to avoid them like a co-worker returning from vacation.

A Good Break From Your Thinking
It should be noted that paying for betting tips isn’t totally just for ‘newbs.’ Even the most seasoned sports bettors with the highest critical thinking skills will go into a slump. Simply put, the games don’t play out as the research suggests they should. Buying tips is a great way to weather the slump (the key to long term success in sports betting, by the way) and to find games that may have been off your radar. You can always do your own research to either back or avoid the claim but sometimes a second pair of eyes is the cure to turn the profit train back around.

Helps You Learn
When you receive betting tips in your inbox, it’s much more than 5 lines of picks that look like they could’ve been drawn out of a hat or picked by a Welsh Corgi. Instead they are detailed write-ups loaded with facts and trends that help you learn how, and most importantly why, a bet is being made. As stated, the games don’t always turn out how the research suggests (because…sports) but there is some peace of mind knowing you made the right play – even if it lost.

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