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UEFA Betting Picks from Jon Price of Sports Information Traders

One of the foremost experts and betting minds in all of European football is Jon Price, the founder and lead punter for Sports Information Traders. Jon quickly established himself among the world’s elite football punters over the last decade by averaging 64% winners overall during that time. Known for being a guru and a well- respected sports betting tipster in all of the major leagues around the world, from the English Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, and even some of the less popular leagues like the MLS. If he can make money on it, Jon Price likely has aread on it. The football expert recently answered a few questions about his success in picking football betting picks.

Interviewer: Jon thanks for joining us, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for quite some time ever since I started tracking some of your picks late last year. Your 64% winners is quite an accomplishment, to what do you attribute that kind of consistent success over the years?

Jon Price: Thanks for inviting me, I always enjoy sharing some of my success and secrets to the game. 64% is solid, but it’s not quite where we want to be. We were at 66% in 2013, and we’ve since had a slight drop off, and had to acquire some new resources as a result of it. But that’s basically what it all boils down to is resources. Picking sports on a global scale isn’t a one man job, it takes an entire team of analysts and people who are on the ground, inside the action, and have a better view than anyone. I rely on my team to collect the best quality information possible, but the real secret to our success is our ability to decipher that information and translate it into winners.

Interviewer: Is there any particular tip that you have for the common punters out there trying to mimic your success in their own football picks?

Jon Price: Well my first rule of successful sports wagering is to have discipline. The difference between an impulsive, losing punter from a seasoned, successful sports investor is that the impulsive punter will spread out his money, just looking for a cheap thrill by wagering on as many games as he can. That may be fun for entertainment, but it’s also the most effective way to go broke very quickly. We never bet on more than two or three football plays a day. We look at the board of plays each morning, and we’re usually able to pick out at least one, sometimes two or three matches that are just obviously better odds than the others. And you’re more likely to have success by loading up on those few plays, as opposed to placing a bunch of smaller wagers on matches with far poorer odds.

Interviewer: I’ve heard that you’re one of the few handicappers who still wagers on his own picks. What’s the most you’ve wagered on a match?

Jon Price: That’s true, I believe in our picks enough that I play them routinely, especially when we have a match we like. I’ve wagered £1 million on more than one occasion, which are the largest wagers I’ve made on single matches. I’m 3-1 on those wagers thus far, but they’re relatively rare. I only see a match that deserves that size of a bet only one or twice every few years. For a man that’s made millions for himself and his clients over the years from betting on football, Jon Price comes across more as a calculated mathematician than a bonafide sports guru, but that’s also likely a key to his success as s punter you must be keen on how to work the numbers and odds in your favor. Based on his results, not many people do it better than Jon Price.

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