Top Betting Tips for Success at Online Bookies

In many ways, bettors have never had it so good with online sports betting, and not only is there so much choice now with regards to what you can bet on, but there are lots of bookmakers who are trying to outdo each other when it comes to pricing and promotions.

Here is a look at some tips if you are new to online betting or if you want to try and be more successful.

1. Take Advantage of New Account Promotions

Bookmakers want you to open an account with them. In order to get your custom, they need to offer attractive offers. These normally involve a free matched bet, or it could well be an enhanced price on a selection.

Shop around and take advantage of these promotions as they will get you off to a great start. You can either use them strategically to guarantee a profit on a certain game or just place them on selections you were keen to bet on.

You can find a list of the best online bookies available on, including all the wagering requirements needed to eventually withdraw your winnings.

2. Bet on Your Strongest Sports

It seems obvious, but betting on the sports you know more about is likely to be a profitable system. If you are fully aware of the latest injuries and suspensions, team news and the form of the players involved, you are in a good position to be able to make a better judgment on not only what you think the outcome will be, but also what the odds should be in that game.

Keep a log of all your bets as this will help you assess which sports you have made the most profit on across the year. Once you have this, you can then place more bets on the ones you have been successful in.

3. Look Beyond the Obvious Markets

Most football games and sports events have 100s of markets available outside of just the match results. Studying through these markets before the match begins is a useful thing to do as you may spot something that stands out.

An example of these outside-the-box markets is bookings. Some bookmakers offer odds on how many cards there will be in a game of football for instance, especially in competitions such as the Champions League in Europe. By doing some research on the referee (their average cards per game tally) and the two teams involved, you may be able to make a judgment call on if it is going to be a quiet game, with regards to bookings or one in which the referee is going to be handing out a flurry of cards.

4. Don’t Chase Losses

In any form of betting, it is important to accept you are going to have good and bad days. When you are going through bad patches, the temptation will be there to recoup what you have lost, especially in scenarios where you have had bad luck, like for example in the Cricket World Cup final where, as reported at, New Zealand were very unfortunate to concede the boundary for overthrows after the ball came off Ben Stokes’ bat.

Those who chase their losses after losing a bet are likely to make irrational decisions. What is more, you can also make your position much worse if your bad luck continues. By giving it a day or two, your head will be clear again and hopefully, things will start going your way.

5. Choose Fewer Selections

Bookmakers prefer you to place accumulators with them that include lots of selections as they know the odds are massively stacked in their favour then. The fewer selections you choose in your bet, the greater chance you have of picking up a return.

Singles are the best way to bet, so rather than putting on that 25-team acca on a Saturday afternoon in football, look at the games and try to find one which you are most confident about. If you feel the bookmakers have underestimated the chances of your selection in their odds, place a bet on them.


Online betting is great fun as it ensures you can bet on the action wherever you are, as long as you have access to a computer or a smartphone. In order to be successful though, you can’t be impulsive. Stick to the events and sports you know you are good at. Singles are the best way to go generally, so take it one game at a time and don’t be too discouraged, nor change your strategy when results go against you.

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