Tips for the 2020 Races

With the 2020 Horse Racing season just around the corner, the Grand National, Royal Ascot and Cheltenham are coming round quickly, so it’s time to get yourself prepared.

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Dress Code

What to wear to the races? Not all, but some races have dress codes that guests must adhere to and it is part of the race day experience.

Ascot is known for its strict dress code. The events expect women to wear formal day dresses (just above the knee or below) with straps of an inch or thicker. strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck or spaghetti straps are not permitted and you must have your midriffs covered.

Alternatively, women can choose to wear suits, but they must be floor length, as well as both the material and colour must be the same.

Hats are a must or even a headpiece with a solid base of more than 4 inches. Not many races are this regimented with their rules, but it is always best to double-check in plenty of time.

Men are asked to wear a suit in black or grey, that includes a waistcoat and a tie with plain smart shoes in black. Like women, men should wear top hats in black or grey only, personal touches to a hat are not permitted, such as a ribbon or band.

The Grand National prefers a smart dress code but does not have any rules in place. Many people enjoy the dress code as it gives them an opportunity to go all out for a day at the races. However, simple rules, such as no sports clothing or fancy dress, are set for particular enclosures or aspects of the festival.


Placing a bet is a big part of the races, putting a few pounds on a horse to win for the beginners, to thousands placed on who will cross that line first, if at all. If you are a beginner and have no intention of betting your life savings on a horse, here are some terms you’ll come across; for more advice, you can search betting sites for the best horse tips.


Odds: set as fractions and allow you to see your return depending on how much you put down (2/1 = £1 stake/£2 profit)

Single bet: placing one bet on one horse to win the race

Doubles: pick two horses, in different races and if they win you win the odds of the horses x each other.

Ones to Watch

Like any sport, horse racing has its favourite to win, here are the some to look out for in the upcoming races and possibly bet your money on.

Tiger Roll: winner of the Grand National 2018 and 2019, making him the first back to back winner since 1974 (Redrum).

Pleasant Company: 2018s Grand National runner up, losing the win to Tiger Roll by ahead. Could he come into 2020 ready to win and take the title?

Anibale Fly: after winning the 2010 Grand National, his chances are looking good as the 2020 races approach, with a respectable 5th place in 2019.

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