Things To Look Out For When Betting On Football On A Sunday

Sundays are a day of rest for most people and to add a bit of excitement many punters, especially men like to make Sunday football predictions. They can do this from the comforts of their own home thanks to advances in online betting sites and smartphone apps. Within a couple of clicks, a bet can be placed either before or during the game which has never been so easy to accomplish before. It can lead to bad decisions though as rushing predictions without research but you at a disadvantage, which is why I put together this short guide to help you know what to look out for.


Research the Key to Sunday Football Betting Success

If you play slots machines or other casino classics you may have to carry out some reaches to find out how everything works along with testing different strategies but once that is done no further research is required. Football betting is different as an extra element is in-depth research which needs to include factors such as form, team, injuries suspensions, and previous meetings along with home and away records. It needs to be carried out for every bet you are considering to be able to find the best-undervalued odds available. A common mistake on a Sunday is that punters with hangovers cannot be bothered to do this process and instead go with their gut which lowers the chances to win.

Long-Term Not Short-Term Performance

It is easy to remember last weekend football results but further back things become a bit hazy, especially on a Sunday. To find out the form of both teams that you are thinking about putting a wager on the results, you must check at least their last 6 months matches. Pay close attention to the different competitions that they got the wins in as some teams are better in Cup competitions so it may make their League results look better than they are. Tottenham Hotspur is a prime example of this as they got to the final of the Champions League but their last 6 months form in the EPL has not been good so this can make for undervalued betting opportunities.

Defense and Attack

As well as form another key factor that can decide football matches on a Sunday is how many goals each team concede and score. These need to be sorted out in categories of home and away so that it helps to predict if a team will score or concede when on the road or not. Always pick the team that scores lots of goals even if they tend to let some in as getting the ball in the back of the net in one of the hardest things to do in football and these teams tend to cause a lot of upsets.

Experts and Useful Sources

It is essential to carry out your research and there are many excellent sources online to help you find all the football stats you will require along with team news. Build up your own picture of how you think the result will go by using the statistics and then find experts online to see if their predictions are the same. If they are you could be on to a winner so it’s worth a punt.


Luck plays a big part in Sunday football results but with the correct research and clear head, you can increase your chances greater of winning. Research may be boring for some to carry out but they are the ones that tend to lose a lot more than they place in wagers so do not make the same mistake. Always lookout for special EPL promotions and free bets so that you can limit your risks to make sure it stays fun.

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