The Most Betted On Football Leagues Of All Time

If you are to peruse through your TV stations, it is guaranteed that you shall come across a channel or two with ongoing football matches. There is always a game being played, friendly or competitively. And if you are to take your interest a little bit further, you will realize that either one or both of the games you just saw is part of a league.

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Today, if you are to search the internet to read about the football leagues of the world, you will, for sure, be overwhelmed. They are quite a number specified by country, continent, region, and even age. These football leagues games are not only an entertainment venture but also a way to earn a coin or two through betting. Besides betting on casino games like Starburst, these leagues have become a quite popular interest that many have taken up. And in this article, we shall highlight the most betted ones on leagues.

  1. UEFA Champions League

The Champions League is an annual football competition that is organized by the Union of European Football Association. In this league, the top-division European football clubs participate and play against each other to win the title of the best team in Europe. This is one of the most prestigious sports leagues that ranks ninth by revenue compared to the other world leagues. And it is for this reason that betting on this league has become quite popular. Teams that participate in this competition include Real Madrid, Liverpool, Fc Barcelona AFC Ajax, just to mention a few. Undoubtedly these teams have a vast multitude of fans, and for that reason, it has become one of the most betted leagues of all time.

  1. Premier League

This league is the topmost level of the English football league system participated with 20 football clubs. These 20 clubs go through a sophisticated system of promotions and relegations whereby the qualifying teams go head to head to win the league. This league ranks sixth in the world in attendance with an estimate of 14 million attendees of the season games. This high number of fans are therefore their main clientele when it comes to betting on the individual games.

  1. La Liga

Of all the Spanish leagues. The La Liga ranks as the most popular hence the most betted on the league in that region. The La Liga is a division of the Spanish Football League system. Similar to the premier league, the La Liga is also contested with 20 football clubs. Of the 20, the three lowest-placed teams at the end of each season are relegated to the Segunda Division and are switched by the top three teams in that division. The groups most famous in these leagues are Spanish teams that include Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, among others. This league is the highest ranked division among other Spanish divisions; it holds the position of the most gambled similar to casino games on websites as casino.

  1. FIFA Women’s World Cup

Another Football competition that has become predominant in the betting industry is women’s football. And FIFA Women’s World Cup carries the mantle on women’s football. This league is an international football competition contested by the senior women’s national teams of qualifying nations. The fact that the qualifying teams may be from any country in the world gives this league edge to being one of the most betted on. Fans are from all over the world.

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