The lowdown on online sports betting! What you need to know for success!

If you are reading this, you fit into one of two categories: either you are a seasoned punter who frequents this website looking for tips and info on your favourite sports, or you have stumbled across it and are not quite sure how you got here. If you are the former, here is a lowdown of the ins and outs of the industry so read on because you might learn something new, if you are the latter, here is an exhaustive list of all the things you need to know before you place your first bet!

1. How does the whole money thing work?

First things first, let us kick off with the most important topic; money. Some of you might be a bit nervous when it comes to online betting. Perhaps you imagine you will end up betting away your home, or perhaps you are just nervous to place your hard-earned dollars on the outcome of a game, but fear not. There are plenty of sites out there offering free bets for first time users. These sites offer you a win win way to place your first bets and get a feel for things before committing to handing over your card details. Secondly, when it comes to submitting your personal financial information, don’t worry- all of the top operators enforce strict security protocols, privacy procedures, and offer top notch secure and encrypted connections to process your sensitive information. Don’t forget, if something goes wrong it is their reputation at stake, and in such a competitive market, they cannot afford to drop the ball.


2. What can I bet on?


This is like asking how many flavours of ice-cream there are in the world and the answer is lots! Whether you are a fan of Iranian football, Bulgarian badminton, Welsh wrestling, or Thai tennis, you will find a reputable site that will allow you to place a bet. Whilst some of those options might seem good for a laugh, for beginners we recommend that you stick to the well-known games that you will probably know something about. Old favourites include hockey, basketball, American football, European soccer leagues like the Champions League, international tournaments such as The Masters and Wimbledon, and even major league baseball. Do your research, pick a popular event, and start at the beginning, there is plenty of time for Nigerian netball once you get into it!



3. Once I have chosen a sport, how do I bet on it?


Once you have selected your sport of choice, and the tournament or league that tickles your fancy, it is time to choose an outcome to the bet you will place. You can bet on the final score, who will win, who will lose, who will score what and when, and even a combination of different outcomes. You can bet on just one game, or you can bet on several games at once which is known as an accumulator. You can be as creative as you like when it comes to tailoring your bets but just be aware that the more complicated your wager, the less likely you are to win. Our advice is to keep it simple, keep it short, and make sure you are being realistic with your predictions.


4. How do I know what to bet on?

Unfortunately there is no magic formula for predicting winners, and if there was, the bookies would soon be out of business! All you can do is bet wisely, cross your fingers, and of course, do some research. Always check out the past performance of your team or player, look at the odds that your outcome has been given, look into the player’s performance and injury history and check out any data from when the two teams or opponents have played each other in the past. Whilst we cannot give you a crystal ball, we can tell you that doing your research effectively will massively increase your chances of striking it lucky!
So there you, these are the top tips for novices and professionals alike. Take heed of our advice and get out there and place some bets!

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