Spain – Segunda Division: Alcorcon vs Las Palmas Betting Tip

In the 26th round in the second Spanish league Alcorcon take on Las Palmas.

I’ve analyzed this match and found some very interesting info.

Alcorcon stand at the middle of the table, at the 11th position. They don’t have many chances to reach the play-off and promote in Primera division, while on the other side I don’t believe that they will relegate, despite the fact that they have only 6 points more than the first team in the relegation zone.

Their current form isn’t great. Alcorcon is without win in their last 9 league matches (0-5-4). For this match they will be without Nagore Gómez (18/1 d), Rubén Sanz (18/0 m), Escassi (12/0 m) and Sergio Mora (1/0 m), while their second top scorer Oscar Plano (23/4 f) and Chema Rodríguez (13/0 d) are both doubtful.

Las Palmas stand at the top of the table and their main goal is to promote in the best football Spanish league directly. Despite the fact that they are standing at the 1st position, three teams behind them Valladolid, Girona and Gijon have only two points less, so Las Palmas have to go for a win in this match if they want to finish at top 2 and promote directly in Primera.

They current form is very solid (4-2-1).

The visitors will be without Marcelo Silva (12/1 d) and Guzmán (20/3 f) for this match.

The most interesting part of this preview are their previous matches.

Take a look!


In the seasons 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 they have played 3 for 3.

In the next season (2012/2013) Alcorcon took all 6 points, while in the previous season they have played 3 for 3 again.

In the first part of this season Las Palmas beat them 4-1.

From total 10 matches, 5 wins for Alcorcon, while Las Palmas beat them 4 times.

Maybe, it’s just a coincidence, but if they really play 3 for 3 (friendly and fair) this match should win Las Palmas.

They need points, they are motivated to promote and they are in the better form, while home team have more problems with the injuries and suspensions and they are without win in their last 9 matches.

Away win with an Asian handicap (+0) seems like a good betting option, but you can also bet on pure away win for some medium stake.

The odds for away win are dropping and it still have very good value.

Alcorcon vs Las Palmas Betting Tips: Las Palmas +0 Ah @ 1.77 ; 2 @ 2.50

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