Italy – Serie B – Play Out: Varese vs Novara Injuries and Suspensions

In the second leg of play-out in Serie B, Varese will host Novara.

Varese won 0-2 in the first leg, but Novara have played very good in that match, they missed plenty of chances, but they didn’t have enough luck.

Varese without Blasi (22/0 m), Neto (25/1 f) and Oduamadi (12/4 f), but none of them didn’t play in the first match.

Novara misses out top scorer Sansovini (19/8 f), Laner (7/0 m), Buzzegoli (29/2 m), Ludi (24/1 d), Vicari (25/0 d), Potouridis (17/0 d) and Lepiller (22/1 f). Only defender Vicari (25/0) played in the first leg, but he picked up an injury and it’s a big blow for the visitors.

Varese don’t need a win to stay in Serie B.

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