France – Ligue 1: Injuries and Suspensions

Nice vs Lille

Nice: Bauthéac (12/4 f), Bruins (8/0 m), M. Traoré (7/0 m), G. Puel (16/0 d).
Lille: Béria (17/0 d), Martin (13/0 m).

Rennes vs Lyon

Rennes: Pajot (9/1 m), Féret (14/0 m), Kana-Biyik (16/1 d).
Lyon: Benzia (10/2 f), M. Dabo (6/0 d), M. Lopes (13/0 d), Gourcuff (13/3 m).

Marseille v Toulouse

Marseille: J. Morel (7/0 d), B. Cheyrou (14/1 m), A. Ayew (10/2 f).
Toulouse: Ninkov (13/0 d), Moubandje (3/0 d), Roman (0/0 m), Regattin (15/0 m), Spajic (19/0 d).

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