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The English Premier League is arguably the toughest and most intense football league in club football on the planet. That’s why it brings in the biggest revenues from TV deals and sponsorships allowing their clubs to compete at the highest level.

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Premier League clubs attract and produce some of the biggest talents in modern football, leading to intensely contested matches week in, week out.

It’s no wonder then that betting companies across the globe strive to offer the biggest range of odds on offer. The sheer amount of betting markets available for each Premier League game is matched by no other league or tournament in the world.

For the modern football punter betting on the Premier League is unparalleled, but with such a wide range of choice available, it can tough to wade through betting sites and the welcome offers they have available.

One of the best types of a welcome offer or sign-up bonus are free bets. To make the most of your Premier League bet the best place to search and compare free bets across betting sites is

Let’s take a look at some of the most common bets that punters stake on the Premier League.

Betting on the match result

Attempting to predict the outcome of the match by the final whistle is without a doubt the most popular way to bet on the Premier League, as it across many other football competitions and sports.

What makes betting on the match result so special in the Premier League is the sheer competitivity across the entire competition. Generally regarded as the strongest league in the world every fixture is in doubt from the offset. This not only raises the excitement and surprises punters, but it also raises the odds.

Betting on the match result: how to spike the odds

Naturally, the bookmakers often have to back a team as favourites in a match. If you do think there is an imbalance between opponents lining up against each other there is a way to increase the odds, though not without added risk.

Betting on the match result both at half time and full time is a common way of combining two bets on the outcome of a match into one. With two variables the risk becomes greater but if there is a clear favourite to back for a bet this might be a good option for you.

Another common way of increasing odds on the match result is to engage in handicap betting. It’s quite common in the case of a clear favourite to set them at a goal deficit at the kickoff, meaning that you would expect them to win by one or more goal by the end of the match. This does increase the risk but also the odds with it.

Betting on the Premier League Winner

It’s not just common for punters who bet on the Premier League to bet on single matches, but also to stake longer-term wagers, ranging across the entire Premier League season.

The common form of outright or long term betting is to bet on who you think will win the league by the end of the season. Bookmakers often release odds fairly far in advance so it’s possible to place a bet on the overall winner from pre-season onwards.

Often with this type of bet, the odds can be quite low to bet on the favourite. In order to increase the odds, it may be a good idea to wait for a potentially strong contender to be in a poor vein of form in order for the odds to rise.

Betting on the Premier League Top 4

The teams that finish in the top four places of the Premier League automatically qualify for Europe’s most prestigious and lucrative club competition – the Champions League. It led one manager to declare that finishing in the top four brackets was equivalent to winning a trophy.

The emergence of a ‘top six’ of clubs in recent seasons has meant competition for Champions League places is at an all-time high. Often involving more teams in direct competition than for the title itself, the odds have a tendency to be fairly erratic so keep a close eye out.

Betting on the Premier League Top Scorer

Another popular form of outright betting on the Premier League that doesn’t involve betting on teams is to wager who will be the overall top scorer come to the end of the season.

This type of bet is often a little more unpredictable, with a wider amount of potential contenders. In previous seasons it’s rare to have a clear winner and it’s often quite tight with one two or even three players vying for the honour of Premier League top scorer.

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