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DraftKings Goes Beyond Fantasy Sports with In-App Streaming

People know that online craps come with the most betting options and they play it for its entertainment value and potential wins attached to it. The same goes for almost all other casino games. But when it comes to sports-related betting – and daily fantasy sports is similar enough to sports betting to count as a form of gambling – the fascinating part is not shooting the dice or spinning the reels but to follow the sporting event you bet on, with your excitement heightened by the amount you can potentially win.

This is why most sports betting destinations offer their customers the possibility to watch sporting events, either through in-store TV screens (some of them, with a large network of betting shops, have their own studios to add commentary to the mix) or through live video streaming over the internet. And this is exactly what DraftKings, one of the largest daily fantasy sports operators in the United States, plans to add to its smartphone apps soon.

Speaking at a conference in Lisbon, Portugal last week, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins announced an “expanded partnership” with the company behind Europe’s top-tier professional basketball competition, the EuroLeague. Among others, the deal includes live video streaming of selected games within the DraftKings smartphone apps, making the company the first mainstream DFS operator to do so.

DraftKings plans to offer each player the possibility to stream one free game each month and watch multiple games in exchange for participating in a contest with an entry fee of $3 or above. Besides streaming EuroLeague matches, DraftKings also plans to create its own content to show, thus supporting its new feature even further. The service won’t be ready by the time the EuroLeague season starts this year but it will be rolled out to customers early next year.

Our goal is to become the one-stop destination and mobile companion for sports fans globally. Adding a live streaming component allows us to provide the best and most seamless product for our customers. This is what the future of sports looks like.

This announcement comes amid discussions about the (vague) possibility of DraftKings becoming “part of a future legal sports betting market in the US”, LegalSportsReport writes. This will, of course, only be possible if the long-time wrangling over the stance of sports betting in the United States comes to a satisfactory end – which would mean the possibility to regulate sports betting at a state-by-state basis, similar to online poker and online casinos. In such a case, DraftKings might benefit from such a move – sports betting licenses are issued to entities already licensed in certain states, and the DFS company has obtained one in several states to date.

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DraftKings Goes Beyond Fantasy Sports with In-App Streaming
Speaking at a conference in Lisbon, Portugal last week, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins announced an "expanded partnership" with the company behind Europe's top-tier professional basketball competition, the EuroLeague.

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