Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets allow bettors to place numerous bets into one wager, gaining a superb return when all parts of the bet come through to a win.


Accumulator bets are also known as ‘laying a parlay’. For an example of one sportsbook that lets you bet on four or more results rolled up into one, look at the William Hill football betting accumulator, which is now available on the site’s football betting page. The betting accumulator starts from the four-fold accumulator and goes up. The more selections added to the accumulator, the higher the payouts when all parts win.  A rich site with excellent betting and football options from the Premier League to the World Cup, Bundesliga to South American Football, William Hill is one of many betting sites that offer accumulators.

How does it work?

If a bettor places a bet on four concurrent matches, the total return on the bet would be the amount wagered, multiplied by the decimal odds for the first match, then the second, third and so forth.

For example, if the four matches have odds of 1.5, 1.4, 3 and 5, and the bettor places a wager of £5, the total payout on a successful outcome for all matches would be 5 * 3* 5 *1.5 * 1.4  =  £157.5. That total return is then added to the initial stake, giving the bettor a total profit of £162.5.

For bettors who are experienced in the art of betting and are looking to improve their performance and up the ante for huge payouts, the betting accumulator is the way to go. It offers substantially higher winning opportunities than in regular betting, that is betting on each match separately, as every win is multiplied and accumulated in addition to the previous ones.

The drawback however is that if any one bet doesn’t win, the entire stake is lost. In the abovementioned example, that would be £5. While most people don’t like to lose money, the possible returns are enticing – and proven.

When Frankie Dettori won in all seven Ascot races in 1996, the UK betting industry is said to have paid out over £30 million. One bettor with an 25,051-1 accumulator that day pulled in more than £500,000 when Dettori won all seven races. In more recent news, a Premier League accumulator bet for a mid-January 2014 weekend cost one leading UK sportsbook £30,000 in a weekend that cost the industry millions of pounds.

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