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5 Sports Betting Tips for Beginners

You shouldn’t take these tips as the absolute truth, but all of them are life-tested. The author of this article will consider his mission accomplished, if at least a bettor makes one mistake less at the beginning of his journey to the betting world. Here are 5 tips for beginners. And may the luck be with you.

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1. Decide why you bet

You must clearly understand your goal. Betting can bring you real money or just occasional bonuses on weekends, when you are rooting for your favorite team before TV. If you want big money, you should treat betting like business, namely to set up your bank (the amount of money put aside for bets), to choose the game strategy and stick to it (maximum and average bet size, average number of bets, etc.), constantly monitor betting events, read about betting and communicate with other players. If betting is just a weekend entertainment, don’t read this article. The only advice in this case will be not to bet a lot. You may check out live score section.

2. Bet only in large sportsbooks

Bookmakers are like banks. In most cases, the so-called “the larger, the more reliable” principle applies. Big bookmakers have a history and valuable reputation. One-day bookmakers can easily close their doors and pocket your money, so do not discover the continents again and use the services of trusted offices such as Bwin, Beffair, Expekt, etc. Most of them also offer online casinos, poker rooms and a number of other sections. Above all, these companies give customers the opportunity of free playing (free bets, no deposit bonuses – you may find them on http://casinoglobal.info/ web site etc.) to learn the website and its activities without investment. In other words, do not waste yourself on shady bookies with tempting coefficients.

3. Understand the sphere you are betting on

Do not be a gambling addict, who bets on everything. Choose a sports specialization and specific leagues and keep to it. When you bet out of boredom on the Singapore football championship, you give the advantage to the bookmaker. To bet, you need to be familiar with the championship bracket, the statistics of the latest matches of opponents, their performance throughout the season etc. Be patient, wait for your matches, which you understand. Try to watch as many TV or online matches as you can. More useful info can be found at Asian handicap section.

4. Forget about betting on favorites with scanty odds

Sadly, but betting on favorites is the most popular types of betting. Of course, favorites often win, but they also have a habit of playing a draw or losing. This loss can be too expensive for players betting on them. For example, you are a beginner. You love football and decided to bet on “Barcelona” victory over an average or outsider team at odds 1/2. “Barcelona” plays in a draw, and you lose. You bet 20 dollars. To wager it, you need to win at least FIVE bets in a row at similar odds. If your revenge stops in the third match, you will go into the red. Is betting on favorites a dead end? Not at all, but you need to bet at reasonable odds. For example, try to play negative handicap at good odds, totals or clear victory in a match with a strong opponent.

5. Forget about express betting

Even newcomers know what express betting is. This is a chain of events with multiplied coefficients. If at least one event included in express has an unsuccessful outcome, the entire bet will lose. Express betting is not an absolute evil. It is not so bad to bet an express from two events at 1.8 each. This is a moderate risk with the significant profit. To select such events, you need to have experience and knowledge. As a rule, beginners run to the other extremes, placing express bets with 50, 100 or 200 odds. The player is enticed by potential winnings, forgetting about possible unsuccessful outcome and turning betting into a lottery. As a result, he has many express bets, spends the lion’s share of the bank, when an unfortunate thing happens: only a few events haven’t been successful in a chain. Therefore, forget about the large express bets, and place single ones.

5 Sports Betting Tips for Beginners
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5 Sports Betting Tips for Beginners
You shouldn’t take these tips as the absolute truth, but all of them are life-tested.
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