What’s Your Game? The best sports to bet on

Sports betting fans. What’s your game? It’s not always an easy decision. And just as you log onto your favourite casino you have choices – should I play NetEnt slots or live dealer blackjack? So when you go to a sports betting site should you look at this weekend’s football fixtures or check out the next golf tournament?

Fenerbahce SK vs Galatasaray SK

The first thing to say is that you should bet on the sports that you like the most and that you know the most about. In the same way that there’s no way you should decide to play those NetEnt slots if you know nothing about them, you’ll soon be counting your losses if you’re completely ignorant of a sport.


Football is a perennial favourite of spectators and gamblers alike. You will not find the variety of bets, combos and international markets for any other sport that you will find for football with any other sport. No sport is easier to follow live and to bet on live. And – believe us – everyone knows they’re an expert!

If you want to broaden your horizon then through in some American football too. Don’t just wait for the Superbowl though, because there’s a huge season to be cashed in on, including more college football than you can imagine. A very regimented schedule helps you plan ahead and games offer you plenty of time to wager in play.


You’ll get even better global coverage, and a sport that is always in play by picking cricket. The sport’s international footprint is down to the British Empire, but you can forget history and get stuck into some very 21st century gambling by following it and gambling on it online. A number of fixing and gambling scandals have afflicted cricket, and that’s in part because it’s a game that is so well set up for betting as you go.

Baseball gives you an American dimension to your bat-and-ball games. There’s an international market – in the Far East – that is underrated, and the game shares cricket stop/start format allowing for plenty of in-game markets as well as innings, game, and season punts.


Basketball is also global. The game is superfast, so there’s real excitement and risk to betting in play. But if you want to pick a league to bet on you will find them on every continent – it’s not all about the NBA – and Britain has a growing basketball scene that’s worth exploring.

Golf is another sport that attracts a lot of gambling. It may be the game that is most often played for money by amateurs. If you like gold you’re probably obsessively interested in it. It’s a game that repays studying and has a pace that makes in-play betting as easy as pie.

In the UK, the traditional favourite for sports bettors is horse racing. That’s interesting, because almost no sport is so difficult to predict – after all, you’re depending on an animal! Perhaps that’s the fun of it. The internet now means it is possible to bet on horse racing 24/7, and even on horse racing simulations when there’s no actual racing going on.

There are many more sports to choose from – athletics, tennis, winter games… – and you can enjoy them all online throughout the day and night these days. The best advice will probably remain though that you pick the sports you love and that you know the most about.

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