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Social casino apps have seen a huge growth in the last few years. They are quite popular – titles like Big Fish Casino, Slotomania or DoubleDown are played by millions all over the world. From a player’s point of view these are all about the games. They can’t be about winnings, obviously, as they don’t charge their players to play. Or do they?


Ever since I started following the charts, I’ve always seen Playtika’s Slotomania and DoubleDown Casino among the top grossing games in the App Store. According to Statista, Slotomania had an average daily revenue of over $240,000 last November on iPhone, in the US only. That’s a lot of money, right? And other apps, such as MyVegas or Wizard of Oz Free Slots are constantly in the top 50 games (out of who knows how many hundred thousands of them) when it comes to daily revenues. And all these revenues are generated through two methods: ads and in-app purchases.

I don’t want to blame these developers for generating revenue with their apps. They are businesses, and businesses are supposed to make money. But I personally hate when an ad pops up whenever I try to do anything, telling me that I should download and install who-knows-who’s who-knows-what app. I just hate it. So I decided to go on a quest to find a truly free way of playing slots online.

And I have – in a place you wouldn’t expect: Royal Vegas Online Casino.

If you are an online casino player, you have most likely noticed that when logging on, most casinos offer you a “fun mode” or a “practice play” option. So does the Royal Vegas online casino. You can download the free Royal Vegas software suite, register an account and choose “practice play” when prompted to start playing without the need to make a deposit. Your initial (virtual) funds will be 1,000 credits, and you can easily add more through the Cashier. While it shows the current promotions, the software won’t bother you with any ads, and won’t offer you in-game purchases of any kind. What it will offer you, in turn, is an uninterrupted gaming experience free of charge.

You might argue that when something is given away free, “you are the product”. You are right, of course. The “practice mode” offered by the Royal Vegas casino serves multiple purposes. For one, it allows new players to get familiar with the software and the games before risking their money for real. But it’s also a great tool to get in touch with people who enjoy playing online casino games – and possibly convince them to try real money play. With a great special or an amazing promotion, for example.

So, if you are like me, and want to have a completely free experience playing online casino games, head over to Royal Vegas and give it a shot. I’m sure you’ll like it.

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