Top 5 Football Slots

Casino based sports games are always really popular, and football-themed slots are no exception. If you love the game and follow your team, then it stands to reason that you will enjoy playing football games. Here are five of the top football slots to give you some ideas.

1) Shoot!

Inspired by the 1969 magazine launched in the UK, Shoot! was published each week and was massively successful as it featured all the latest footie news. The slot version has 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 different selectable pay lines. There are plenty of bonus features on offer which can unlock extra prizes, collect the 12 special hero cards and an instant cash payout could be yours if you pick the winning card.

2) Football Mania

Bright, noisy and so much fun to play, this is everything you could want in a football based slot game. Football Mania has 3 reels and 3 rows and a great range of bonuses that can open the door to bigger payouts. Score goals and land 3 balls on the reels to win 9 free spins or wait for three footballs to feature on the middle row and take your shot at a cash prize immediately.

3) Golden Goal

Fans of the great game will love this classical style pub lounge, slot game. This is another 3 reel game, but this time you have 2 lines. Another great range of bonus features is on offer to unlock extra spins and prizes in line with classic gameplay styling. Prize values are displayed, and the Golden Goal symbol is your most significant payout option so aiming to line up three of those is the primary challenge. The goalies’ glove is your second highest payout followed by the referees’ whistle. Simple, classic pub game features ensure this game remains popular with punters.

4) Football Frenzy

With bright and eye-catching graphics this is a great slot game that offers 50 pay lines. There are two modes of play; you can choose from Striker and Lucky which is an excellent feature for a bit of variety. You can unlock different extra features in each of the modes, and these include the Striker Symbol which is wild and the doubling of wins when the wild is used in Striker mode while in Lucky mode the Lucky feature can help you win yourself 8 free games where you can benefit further from the free kick bonus.

5) Football Rules

A range of game modes means that this is an exciting and varied slot. You will find different rules in each of the games, and there is plenty to love in each different mode. From the Fan icon to the Football Fan symbol and the various Jersey icons, there is plenty to learn and play with this slot game. Bonuses are plentiful and activated in a variety of ways depending which game you are playing.

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