The 5 Basic Rules of Roulette

Roulette is easily one of the most popular casino games in virtual casinos however sometimes people are put off playing because they do not feel confident when it comes to an understanding of the online roulette rules. Here is a quick rundown of the rules to get you started.


1) The Basics

The roulette wheel is an iconic piece of casino kit that most people are familiar with. The red and black slots are spun around, and the ball bounces around until it lands in one of the slots. There will be either one or two green slots known as zero. On the virtual table, there is a mat featuring the numbers, and this is where you place your bets bemire the game starts.  You can bet on one number or a group of numbers, and the odds change with these combinations. You get better odds when you bet on more numbers.

2) Inside Bets

A bet placed on a number or group of numbers. There are seven types of inside bet.

Straight: Place your bet on the corresponding number on the mat

Split: Straddle your bet over any two adjacent numbers on the mat

Street: Place your bet on any three numbers that sit consecutively

Six Line: Bet on a group of two ‘Street’ lines that sit next to each other

Corner: Bet of four numbers that sit in a square next to each other

Trio: Bet on three numbers, one of which is 0, and two that sit next to it.

Basket: A bet on four numbers, 0,1,2 and 3. In American casinos, this includes double zero.

3) Outside Bet

Instead of betting on specific numbers, bet on conditions of play.

Red or Black

Odd or Even

1-18 or 19-36

Dozens (a table layout has three dozens to choose from)

Columns (pick which column the number will be in)

4) Announced Bets

Slightly more complex, announced bets are not found in all versions of roulette. Commonly in French Roulette and sometimes in European Roulette, these particular combinations will be made available if you are playing one of the versions that features them.

5) Choosing Your Bet

This is where it gets interesting, and you are likely to learn as you go. There are various schools of thought, and if you want to follow some excellent beginner tips have a look at both the Fibonacci and the Martingale betting systems. The basis for these is to cover half the numbers available giving yourself a great set of odds. Each game has differing limits on the bets, so you also need to take into account the amount you are happy to spend and combine this with your strategy. Some tables allow really small bets, and these are great for learning and if you want, you can progress to high stake roulette when you have developed your own plans for maximising your chance to win.

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