Premier League Teams Likely To Go Down

At the end of the season, three teams in the English Premier League will be relegated to play Championship football in the following season. While no team in the Premier League likes to see itself get relegated, the laws of the game say otherwise. As such, after watching all the 20 teams in the Premier League play their first 12 matches of the season, the following are the teams that we think will likely go down at the end of the season. Fans ought to know that they can have their say as to which teams will go down by visiting some top online casinos that offer the latest football odds.

Mark Hughes, Manager of Southampton


Three weeks is a long time in football more so three seasons. Three seasons ago, Southampton was the envy of many. The team had just sold almost half of its entire first team but on the pitch, it seemed like nothing had happened as the team put in some impressive performances. However, in the past couple of seasons, things have taken a new twist (for the worst). Southampton barely survived last season and while many thought that many new faces would arrive at St Mary’s in the summer, only a few did. The appointment of an unpopular manager (though he had to keep the team in the Premier League at the end of last season) has not helped either. With the team struggling to score goals both home and away, it’s likely that Southampton will go down this season.


Huddersfield has a great manager in David Wagner but unfortunately, it does not have enough quality players to challenge most Premier League teams. It was more of a miracle that the team survived the drop last season and it’s difficult to see another miracle springing out this time around. The Huddersfield board certainly cannot make wholesome changes in the January transfer window but if they want the team to survive, then a massive investment in forward options is needed. The team’s forward players are not scoring enough goals and they are not ruthless enough in front of goal. Without a consistent goal scorer, it’s really a difficult task for any team to survive in the Premier League hence the struggles Huddersfield is currently facing.


It’s always difficult when a team make a transition from the Championship to the Premier League. For Cardiff, this transition is more than just difficult, it seems impossible. Cardiff on paper had a seemingly good run in at the start of the season where it was expected to pick up crucial points in matches against Burnley, Newcastle and Huddersfield among other teams expected to be in and around the relegation zone. However, Cardiff lost all of those matches. With difficult games against the big sides now on the horizon, Cardiff knows that it must put in some big performances. The only consolation that Cardiff has at this moment is that the January transfer window is yet to come. The window will give the team an opportunity to strengthen in the right departments but if it fails to do this, then there is going to be a single outcome at the end of the season i.e. relegation.

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