Japan Rugby World Cup 2019

It is exactly one year until the next ruby world cup being held in Japan and ticket sales have been going through the roof. There will be 48 Rugby matches played in 12 cities around Japan. The Japanese sporting association is well ahead of schedule with all 12 stadiums ready for what is set to be the best Rugby World Cup to date.

Rugby World Cup 2019

The favourites to win are always going to be one of the teams from the famous Six Nations rugby tournament. Just 7 months prior to World Cup all eyes will be on the 2019 Six Nations tournament, which will ultimately be the warm up for the World Cup for these 6 teams.

England’s Chances of World Cup Success

England, who hosted the 2015 Rugby world Cup, did not look make it to the final on home turf and seem to have disappeared since their 2003 World Cup win and 2007 runners-up appearance. The English team also failed to make a mark on this year’s 2018 Six Nations competition. The Lions picking up just 2 wins in their first 2 games. After that, England crumbled and lost to Scotland, France, and Ireland in quick succession.

Betting on England to win in Japan is likely to be an outside bet and now is the time to get decent odds at bookmakers and UK online casinos that have a betting product.. If the team turns out a good performance in the Six Nations trophy in early in 2019, then you can expect the Lions odds to be reduced.

New Zealand and Australia Wold Cup Challenges

Current title holders New Zealand won both the 2011 and 2015 World Cups with impressive back to back wins seeing off France in a close game in 2011 and then beating Australia in England in which New Zealand ended up running away with the game.

It is both the All Blacks and the Aussies that are realistically the only real threat to any of the Six Nations teams lifting the title in Japan with the hosts not looking like they will be much of a threat.

Ireland’s World Cup Bid

Ireland are worth keeping an eye on in the run up to the World Cup. The team swept aside Wales, Scotland, France, England, and Italy in the 2018 Six Nations. The team also came out of Australia in June with 2 wins out of 3 winning the test series versus the Kangaroos.

Final Verdict

Ireland versus New Zealand World Cup 2019 final or one of these two teams to win the World Cup. There is always a chance these two teams could meet before the final. Overall, both teams are on form, and have both shown they have what it takes to life the trophy in Japan.

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