How Betting Hooks Your Interest

It is common these days that we believe the urge to gain money is the cause why many people are getting hooked with betting or gamble. We usually think that betting is fun and exciting. For example, on the horse race, it looks attractive to people when we look at the track information and the odds because it gives us the mindset to win big money.

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We generally know that the “jackpot” is not common to hit. Like in the horse betting, the random element behind most matches and the advertising of large hit winners suggests that winning a lot is not so unlikely to happen.

We mindfully established that money is the bettor’s primary motivation. The chances on the games that you win give bettors a hope that he or she will win with profits and overcome their losses. That is we understood already, but what drives us and getting hooked at betting.

Getting Hooked by Gambling

Among the factors that gambling gives anxious feeling to us is about the hazards that we take as a human being, and that’s our nature. And the favorable impression acquired from gambling is no contrasting. The point of anticipating who will win creates a natural excitement. It also gives an adrenaline rush, a state of emotion that many of us are looking for because it provides us with fun and entertainment. A situation that without it, many people think they can’t live.

In hard times, if your bill is due now in this month, but your cash is short, gambling seen as a saving grace, because of the temptation that we can win a large payout.

But most of the cases, gambling can result in an even bigger financial problem, and it creates a cycle with betting in the center to fill in gaps on your income. In many cases, one’s saving grace is the theoretical money and winnings through gambling.

There is another way to think about betting, due to the feeling of excitement and the fun it gives. Betting serves as an escape from the daily routine for some people. Besides, gambling can be a coping mechanism for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, or stress, or who have experienced the death of intimates or another traumatic event in their lives lately.

Some people use gambling in return for excitement. They don’t care if they will win or not, a winning ticket to leave their care behind, people who discover to cope with gambling turns into a destructive habit.

Not every person who gambles does it and just only for the payout. A more massive amount of money on the line among individuals are also seen in urban cities, further puzzling us of that question, ” what makes people play?”.

The movies and television shows often portray the high betting individual as charming, well-dressed man or woman who looks worthy of respect. Gambling may seem attractive to those who want to achieve greatness and want to come up on the social ladder.

The Science Behind It

We are urged to bet in games and sports because of the excitement that we feel. Mesolimbic Dopamine drives our brain that’s why we get hooked at betting. This compound is the primary neuro mediators that motivate us and give us pleasure. In case for bettors, they release large amounts of it that makes them pathological gamblers with no healthy control of their emotions.

During gambling episodes, recent findings indicate that the interaction between the said chemical compound and reward is not so straightforward in pathological gamblers than Healthy people. The release of Dopamine seems to come out rather than reward the instability of reward pleasure. Dopamine indicates that the motivation to play is determined heavily (but not the entirety of it)  by the failure to predict when the rewards would occur.

In the increasing cases of pathological gambling, it includes prolonged betting. For example horse derby or just slot machines, the proof that uncertainty, makes people seem a source of motivation to play. Individuals play for the sake of playing instead of winning the gamble. The number of winnings conceived a chance to extend the duration of the game, rather than the primary goal.


Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, but in gambling, the distance between those two things are quite far from each other. One would give you a saving grace, financial stability, and fame, but on the other side, one would bring you bankruptcy, depression, or sometimes death.

So we must be careful to bet, don’t get addicted by it. Be mindful that there is no certainty in gambling. It will give us pleasure for a mean time but do not overextend the fondness of it. Goodluck when you bet! Luck may be with you on your next bet and may it bring lots of winnings.

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