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When you’re looking for a new bookmaker to work with, there can be a lot of factors which come to mind over how you identify the perfect bookie to join. This includes the crucial sign-up offer which provides you with free bets and bonus funds, but also the more important existing customer offers that your chosen bookie makes available to punters who bet with them.


All the positives and negatives must be considered before choosing a bookmaker that will suit all of your betting needs. It also can weigh heavily on which sport you’re choosing to bet on, with some bookies providing the guaranteed best odds for horse racing and an endless list of incentives for those who bet on football. It all depends on how you bet and what you’re betting on. With an intention to improve your decision to hand-pick just one, we look at all of the best new bookmaker offers on the market:

Free bets and bonus funds for loyal customers

One of the primary bookmaker offers for existing customers surrounds free bets, which are awarded to customers who stay loyal to a specific bookie. Through placing your bets with just one bookmaker, you could increase the number of free bets and bonus funds, with a handful of top UK bookies handing out these additional incentives every week depending on a specific amount of money being placed.

The many free bets and bonus funds can also be rewarded through signing up, depending on the current bookmaker offers on the market. Although there’s a different version provided by every bookie, you can compare them on Oddschanger’s Bookmaker Offers section, where they have in-depth information on every sign-up offer as well as help on how to join.

Enhanced odds and boosted prices

After signing up to a specific bookmaker, it’s usually the option of boosted odds on popular markets and selections which primarily interest existing customers. These are usually available in the run-up to key games and there’s always a lot of different variations at weekends, as it’s where most football matches and sporting events take place.

Some bookmakers even allow punters to choose where they want enhanced prices on what they’re backing, allowing them to boost the odds on any outcome as they back it in their betslip. Regardless of how you’re choosing to back your bet, the odds will always be a crucial factor, so attempts to offer the strongest possible price is massively important to bookmakers.

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