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The Canadian sports betting industry is one that spans many centuries. There is an illustrious history that defines the industry and it has continued to capture the imagination of sports enthusiasts. The laws in the country allow the industry to thrive and there has always been potential for more growth. The future of the industry seems set with many changes in law expected to make it much more vibrant. Let us take a look at the industry over the years and what has made it be where it is today. We will focus on the development and general history of the industry.


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The Beginnings

The history of betting in Canada stretches back to the days when European immigration had not started. Native Canadians took part in many kinds of sports and they often placed wagers on the sports. For the society, it was a way of entertainment. For participants in sports, it was a way to hone their skills for future sporting activities. European settlement brought with it new ways of wagering and betting. A couple of laws were also introduced and the industry gained some standards. Most of the laws were however not followed strictly because the government was unable to implement them on the vast landscape.


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Later Developments

From 1867 to 1969, a lot of changes happened in the industry. The 1867 adoption of a version of British gambling regulations meant that the industry had actual laws to abide by. The Criminal Code was also introduced in the same period. The Criminal Code was significant because it brought punishment for law-breakers for the first time. There are other measures that were introduced as well. One of the most drastic was the total ban on public gambling. Private betting was not factored in, however, and people continued to place bets legally.

The Evolution of the Industry

Since the introduction of these laws, the only means of betting left was horse racing. The 1969 changes to the law, however, opened the doors for lotteries to be allowed. Such lotteries mainly supported charities. It is this change in laws that would later be credited for setting the pace for Canadian online casinos. Not long after, the government realized that the betting industry had great potential. After the realization, the attitude towards gambling changed and slot machines among other gaming devices started being installed. The changes, however, did not create a huge interest in the industry. The disinterest in the sports betting industry largely remained intact for a long time.

Online Gambling and the Present-day Betting

The 1985 amendments by the Canadian government focused on the Criminal Code. A number of requirements were put in place to allow for sports betting. This development set the pace for the first online betting sites in the 1990s. Various betting machines were introduced and the 1990s marked the true change of pace in the sports betting industry. At present, sports betting in Canada is legal but only on the web. Betting offline means that you cannot bet in single sporting events. Recent attempts to change this have however been made as it was seen in the 2016 bill proposal.

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